Scope of the Conference

MEDICTA 2023 is jointly organized by the Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis Group of Porto (CATPOR) and five National Associations for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry operating in Italy (AICAT and GICAT), Spain (GECAT), Greece (HSTA), France (AFCAT) and Croatia (CCTAC-CSCE).

The Conference provides a forum for scientists and young and confident engineers throughout the world interested in the material’s thermal properties and the various thermal analysis and calorimetry techniques. MEDICTA 2023 includes sessions on various topics of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis to cover the most recent findings and applications and provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and opinions on industry-relevant subjects.

Scientific Topics:

  • A – Solution and Chemical Thermodynamics (Experimental/Computational Thermochemistry)
  • B – Kinetics
  • C – Food, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  • D – Polymers
  • E – Organic and Inorganic Materials/Nanomaterials
  • F – Energy, Environment and Related Applications
  • G – Instrumentation and New Methods
  • H -Miscellaneous